Sunday, May 22, 2011


I just got home a few hours ago from an quick trip to San Antonio. We decided to take a family trip including my mom, two younger brothers, and my sister, along with her husband and son. We hadn't a trip together in such a long time, maybe never since we had the kids. I really enjoyed it. We spent all of Saturday at Six Flags and of course us girls were left to care for the little ones, while our husbands ran around like children. It wasn't as bad as we had thought. After finally finding the kiddie water park the kids, husbands included, got to cool off and that entertained them for a few hours. I discovered that my little princes is an adrenaline junkie, certainly not inherited from me. I was forced to repeatedly ride kiddie coasters... and eventhough I had a headache from all the spinning, I wouldn't have traded the chance to see her so happy for a thing!

Today, was also spent in the sun riding river boats and enjoying a cold one on the riverwalk listening to mariachi music, remembering my dad and grandpa. The sun wouldn't be a bad thing if I didn't live in what seems like a dessert. But- I do and even if it wasn't as hot as it is here at home, I still felt my skin sizziling in the sun. That made me tired and I ended up sleeping the whole drive home. A much needed rest... Bad news was that the heat really put me in a bad mood and I wasn't up for anything. So I missed out on going to any specialty markets! darnit!

It's okay, I am probably starting a diet soon and I am STILL trying to figure out what to do with the 4lbs. of apricots I bought on sale at the super market last week. It was a great sale, from $6.99/lb to $2.99, so I had to take advantage. Of course, now they are sitting in my fridge- untouched, because I refuse to let anyone eat them, just in case I need all 4lbs for a fabulous recipe. My mind is blank though. I was thinking of making a small tart reminiscent of this delicious apricot pastry I tasted on the subway in Paris on my last trip. (BTW, I can't believe that they have tasty bakeries in the subway tunnels. Although, my sister-in-law says they are the equivalent of McDs- I didn't mind them at all.) So, that's my project for the week... apricots. Any suggestions?

I am gonna go veg out on the sofa and enjoy what's left of tonight. À bientôt!

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