Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's Take it From the Top

After careful consideration I have decided that the time has come to stash away my dreams of a food blog. I love food, cooking, and being able to share that with others. But, I just don't have the discipline to write down recipes and take magnificent photos... then sit down and type it all up! It must be laziness, well, I'm sure that that is it. Really though, I shouldn't keep dragging my feet about starting a blog because sometimes I really just need an outlet and I always hesitate to sit here and write about something that has nothing to do with food! So, from this moment on I pronounce my blog to remain themeless... (unless I count as a theme?)

Oh god, that feels so liberating. I know it must seem ridiculous, but it's true! I've often felt intimidated by the blogging community because there are so many talented people focused on what they are doing. Truth be told, that just isn't me. I am so random and afraid of commitment that I tend to bounce from one interest to another. Although food has remained a constant, it still doesn't completely consume me (I consume it! haha totally cheezy). Now I feel like I don't have to prove myself to anyone because I am just writing about NOTHING! Does that make sense?

Enough of that.

Today is amazing! After 100 days of no rain, we finally got some. At noon, dark clouds filled the sky and the delicious smell of rain was in the air. Now, it's fresh and drizzly. A welcomed break from the 3 digit temperatures we've been having lately. From what I've heard, rainy days are meant to be spent indoors, cuddled on the sofa with a warm cup of tea. Due to my inexperience with rain I am wondering if I should get around to doing this. It is rather tempting, however I already know that in a few hours it will be hot and sticky and the thought of drinking anything hot or warm is just not appealing. I am thinking an ice cold beer sweet tea on the back porch sounds better!

Until we meet again blog.

**PS. Big thanks to my wonderful sister for recovering my blog entry that was deleted by mishaps!


  1. Great idea! My blog is focused on crafts with the occasional "rambling" post, but it might be nice to have a rambling blog sprinkled with crafts lol. I hope you'll post about food SOMETIMES! :-P

  2. Hey!! Bonnie sent me your way! She said you have some delicious recipes! Can't wait to see them!! Have fun with blogging!! It's addicting!! =)


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