Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Instant Gratification

I have MIA for a while, I know, but life around here has been so incredibly busy. Usually, when my husband is home from work I don't blog much because we have a really busy schedule. These last days off he had were completely jam packed with out of town trips and friends visiting from France. It was fun and I am still feeling a little jet-lagged (wait, I'm not the one who took a flight). Anyway, I don't know what you call it when you're feeling a little... burned out? Yea that sounds right. Aside from all that, I became completely engrossed in reading The Hunger Games series. When I read a book(s) I really don't go anywhere or do anything until I'm finished (if it's good). So, that's where I've been and what I've been doing.

Yesterday morning, while I was having breakfast I was browsing through the new Ina Garten cookbook (How easy is that?) and I came across a chocolate cream pie. It looked so delicious, but I was in no mood for making things from scratch! Have you ever seen that show on Food Network- umm, semi-homemade or something? Well, I never really liked this show. I always thought, "Why does this woman have a show? Everything she makes comes out of a jar or a box!" I didn't understand back then... Now, that I have an extremely energetic daughter and a house to keep up I know why that show was on. It really does make your life easier, when you don't have to be in the kitchen all day. And every once in a while I want things- and I want them NOW. NO WAITING. So I headed out to the grocery store to get the things I needed to make my quick version of Ina's chocolate pie. I bought: a premade graham cracker crust, big package of INSTANT chocolate pudding, and some heavy whipping cream. The whole thing came out to $4.50. Not bad, huh?

I made the instant pudding, which is done in 2 minutes! Then poured it into the crust... popped that in the fridge while I whipped up the cream with a little sugar and a little khalua (yum!). Piped the cream onto the pie and then back to the fridge while I made lunch. The whole thing took me 5 minutes! No lie.

After lunch, I had myself a big (extra big) slice of pie. If that's not instant gratification, I don't know what is. The only complaint I had was that my crust was a little broken when I got home from the store, but it still tasted great! Sorry Ina, but I don't think I'll be going through all the trouble of making your pie, when I can just have mine!


  1. Haha I remember you talking about that semi homemade show. I agree though, this looks more like something I would have time for. Looks delish! Save me a slice!

  2. Hey, whether it takes five mintues or fifty minutes to make I love me some pie! Mmm! And I've been dying to read The Huger Games series - sounds like I need to!


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