Monday, July 4, 2011

Test Kitchen Week

I am dedicating this whole week to trying out new flavors and recipes for a project that I've got going on. I am so excited, I want to make and prepare everything all at the same time! It's disappointing that the day only has 24 hours.. and we need to sleep.. and I can really only be on my feet for 10 hours before I have to sit down and relax. But, that's what I've been dealt and gotta work with it.

Today was a really hectic day in the kitchen for me. I decided to go macaron crazy (again). I have gone through this phase before, at least twice. Once when I couldn't master the little boogers and a second time when I finally did. After about 30 batches of macarons that Morgane and I had to eat all by ourselves, I decided I should stop. It was an addiction- always hoping to get those little feet and jumping around celebrating once they were established. Eventually, the almonds became expensive...

Now, it's been a few months since I last made some and I needed to make sure I could still make them. Turns out I can. I made one batch and split it to make two different flavors. Coffee and Chocolate. I have a few pics that were taken on my phone because I was too lazy/busy to take the time to bust out my camera. The coffee ones tasted fabulously, but I carelessly piped them out... then carelessly peeled them off the silmat, so they didn't look too hot. I guess I forgot how sensitive and picky they are. For the chocolate half, I was a little more careful and they were so pretty and yummy.

I don't know about you but when I cook something that takes a lot of effort to make, I just don't feel like eating it when it's done. So, that's ultimately what happened. I had a few solo cookies, but sent off the sandwiched ones to my mom, who was feeling sick, and my sister.

After all that work and confusion from todays macarons, I decided to prepare ahead of time for tomorrow. So I have already sifted and seperated the almond/sugar mixture and made some lemon curd. Tomorrow should flow a lot smoother. That's what happens when you stop practicing. Moral of the story- I don't know, I forgot, I'm too tired to think.

**P.S. I want to thank Amanda from The Sweet Details for featuring me on her Savory Sunday. Greatly appreciated! :)

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  1. The chocolate batch was indeed beautiful! That picture is making my mouth water. Can't wait for tomorrow :-)


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