Monday, August 15, 2011

What is New.

It seems everytime I step away from my blog it takes me longer to return. I have not been in the mood to cook lately (or at least take the time to photograph and then blog about what I've cooked). I've felt so scatter brained lately and I feel like things are barely going back to normal. My husband recently got a promotion at work and has been gone for a whole month! This, of course, has left me totally unmotivated to do anything other miss him. (Is that lame?) Well, I can't help it.. I missed him more than ever from day 1, maybe because I knew he'd be gone for so long. Now he is returning home this Thursday and I finally feel like life is being restored to me. I figured I should really take advantage of this and start up a great idea I got for my blog.

First off, you should know that I have decided to change my eating habits. I recently read an article (sorry! forgot where) that had all these interesting facts about meat that I kind off just turned me off. I am making an effort to become a vegetarian, not only because of what I learned, but because I've always wondered how you can be satisfied with eating only vegetables and no meat? I've tried this out before, only to learn new recipes, and it was so much fun. I am excited to take it on as a lifestyle change. I only hope that my old-habits don't come around asking for a big juicy steak.

Secondly (is this a word?) I want to choose one ingredient for the week and see what I can come up with. This will definitely help with saving money and also using up all the left overs. Which I am notorious for just letting waste away (I know, I should be ashamed). This week I have decided to make black beans. I love these little suckers and up until yesterday, I didn't know how to change them up other than just the usual refried bean. Stay tuned for an intersting adventure!

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  1. HI!!! I have missed you. But I totally understand the cooking just for cooking and not snapping pics the whole way though..but I do LOVE everything you make on here not gonna lie :)


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